Drainage Composites

Composites are available in many shapes and forms and are an assembly of two or more products, combining the functions of its components into a unique new product.

The EnkaDrain product family of drainage composites comprises a polymer drainage core connected to a protective and filtering nonwoven on one or both sides. EnkaDrain can be used in a variety of horizontal and vertical applications, combining drainage, protection and filtration in one product.


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Features & Benefits

• EnkaDrain is the leading drainage composite for over four decades

• Combines drainage, protection and filtration in one product

• Various discharge capacities and compressive strengths available

• Eliminates clogging of the drainage core

• No deterioration of the boundaries associated with traditional drainage methods

• Will not degrade over time and will not pollute the subsoil

• Excellent durability and long-term performance

• The product is lightweight, strong and easy to install in all weathers

• Supplied in small rolls for ease of handling and installation

• Can be disposed of and recycled safely after service life

• Reduces carbon footprint compared to more traditional drainage methods

Application areas

• Basement walls

• Retaining walls

• Bridge abutments

• Embankments

• Tunnels

• Parking decks

• Green roofs

• Artificial sports fields

• Concrete slabs


Technical details

The polymer drainage core of EnkaDrain drainage composites is thermally bonded or spot welded to a protective and separating nonwoven filter on one or both sides. The core can be v-shaped or consisting of looped filaments fused where they cross. Properties regarding stiffness, discharge capacity or tensile strength vary per product type, as do the properties of the fleece. More information of the Enka technology.

Thickness varies between 4 and 22 mm. The standard EnkaDrain is available in rolls of 1 and 2 m width. The range includes fire retardant types.

Technical datasheets with full details are available on request. Our experts offer full design support for all applications.


Our Quality Management System has been approved to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard. Certificates are available on request.