EnkaDrain Wide

Landfill side and base drainage

Landfills are built on subsoil with geological and hydrological properties which fulfil stringent water-tightness criteria defined by local authorities. On top of this geological safety barrier, a geomembrane is laid. To prevent contamination of surrounding ground in the long term, this membrane has to be protected from damage during construction of the landfill. At the same time, a drainage layer is required at the side and base of the site to collect and discharge leachate. This ensures the landfill’s proper operation. EnkaDrain Wide is designed to provide those functions and deliver a technically reliable and economical solution.

This is EnkaDrain Wide

EnkaDrain for landfill drainage_copyrights Low & Bonar_Enka Solutions (2)The EnkaDrain Wide product portfolio encompasses a wide range of drainage geocomposites for use in landfill applications. Their core consists of highly durable, v-shaped monofilaments providing superior resistance to compressive stress. Filter nonwovens are stitched to the core longitudinally at closely spaced intervals. Its tight structure limits filter creep into the flow section of the drainage core – the so-called “intrusion phenomenon”. Depending on the level of compressive stress applied on the geocomposite and the in-plane flow capacity required for the specific landfill project, the core may be four or six millimeters thick. The mass per unit area can be adjusted.

While drainage mats with thermally bonded nonwovens are also available, when used for side and base drainage in landfills, EnkaDrain Wide is manufactured using needle-punched nonwovens. For maximum speed of installation, all Enkadrain Wide product variants are manufactured with a width of five meters.

How EnkaDrain is used for side and base drainage in landfills

Conventional designs include a thick protecting nonwoven geotextile on top of the geomembrane at the side and base of the landfill. A gravel layer measuring at least 50 cm thick is added as a protecting interface between waste and geosynthetics and to provide the required leachate drainage. Installation of EnkaDrain Wide is an approach which is not only as technically reliable, but also more economical. In addition to protecting the geomembrane, EnkaDrain Wide fulfills the drainage function, ensuring that leachate accumulation is kept to a minimum. In this application, the geocomposite’s discharge capacity has to be equal to that of the 20-30 centimeter of gravel for which it is a substitute. Hence, substantial volumes of granular material can be saved and the number of truck movements significantly reduced. At the same time, EnkaDrain Wide helps achieve a significant gain in available storage volume. In addition to acting as a drainage layer inside the slopes and at the base of the landfill, EnkaDrain Wide can also be applied as a leakage-detection layer underneath the landfill base.

What makes EnkaDrain the ideal drainage layer?


  • Long-term performance is extensively proven in the lab and in the field
  • Multifunctional solution: Protection of the geomembrane AND leachate drainage
  • Highly pressure resistant
  • Excellent discharge capacity
  • Flexible product design to comply with project-specific requirements
  • Unique drainage core configuration avoids fabric intrusion under load


  • Improved carbon footprint when compared to traditional granular layer designs
  • Long-term high protection and leachate-drainage performance
  • Technically reliable and economical solution
  • Fast installation thanks to product width of 5m
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