EnkaDrain Findrain

Outperforms French Drains in many respects

To ensure the long-term integrity of the edges of roads and improve the stability of embankments and cuttings, effective drainage is a key requirement. This is because water ingress increases pore pressure and reduces the strength of the soil. This can have disastrous effects on the structure as a whole. The conventional engineering solution with French Drains involves the installation of significant quantities of granular material to allow the collection and transport of water. This is a labour-intensive and costly technology, and also one leaving a significant CO2 footprint. EnkaDrain Findrain serves as an economical alternative. In addition to its environmental and financial advantages, this edge drain is often more effective than conventional granular fills.

This is EnkaDrain Findrain

Enkadrain Findrain_copyrights Low & Bonar_Enka SolutionsEnkaDrain Findrain is a prefabricated geocomposite edge drain. Its drainage core consists of synthetic monofilaments, which are pre-formed into an open three-dimensional matrix with over 95 % of void space. This core is fully enclosed in a durable nonwoven filter.

To prevent intrusion of soil particles, its edges are thermally sealed. EnkaDrain Findrain is equipped with a cord, making in-situ insertion of drainage pipes easy.

EnkaDrain Findrain suits pipes with a diameter of up to 200 mm.

How EnkaDrain Findrain contributes to the stability of slopes and roads

EnkaDrain Findrain is installed vertically into the soils to be drained. Once installed, the edge drain acts as a vertical interceptor of sub-surface water. It transfers this to the drainage pipe, which transports the water to a discharge system. Reducing pore water pressure and allowing excess water to flow off in the drainpipe in a controlled manner helps to prevent soil shear-strength reduction and slope collapses. Applied in roadside-verge drainage channels, EnkaDrain Findrain enhances safe water run-off from embankments, cuttings, slopes, verges and road formations. The edge drain protects the road subgrade from being weakened by capillary water buildup or lateral water ingress. The subgrade thus retains its bearing capacity. In agricultural water management, EnkaDrain Findrain can be used to evacuate surface water run-off. An important advantage in this application: here, the edge drain avoids the need for open ditches, which would otherwise reduce the area available for cultivation.

What makes EnkaDrain Findrain a superior edge drain


  • Proven drainage solution
  • Accommodates different drainpipe sizes
  • Includes a cord for fast installation
  • High discharge capacity
  • Very durable


  • Faster to install and more cost-efficient than granular fill
  • Quickly removes sub-surface water
  • Reliably protects structures from damage caused by water
  • Retains the bearing capacity of the subgrade
  • Extends the service life of slopes and roads
  • Facilitates fast installation
  • More environmentally friendly than French Drains
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  • EnkaDrain Findrain Edge Drainage Installation Manual
    Official Installation Guidelines From The Manufacturer
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