EnkaDrain Wide

High-performance drainage mats for landfill caps

Once a landfill has reached its capacity, waste has to be isolated by means of capping. This technology involves the installation of a barrier layer and a drainage layer. To achieve a natural appearance and allow the landfill to seamlessly integrate with the landscape, topsoil is placed and seeded with grass. Realizing a landfill cap is an expensive enterprise and lifetime expectancy is a therefore a key requirement when it comes to selecting landfill capping materials. Only the most durable products, efficient over the service life of the landfill, can fulfill this requirement. EnkaDrain Wide is one of these. This high-performance drainage mat has been used in a large number of landfill capping systems around the globe.

This is EnkaDrain Wide

EnkaDrain for landfill drainage_copyrights Low & Bonar_Enka Solutions (2)EnkaDrain Wide is a multifunctional geocomposite developed for use over large areas like landfills. Here the product is installed as a drainage layer on top of the sealing membrane, and as the gas-relief layer below the geomembrane. The five-meter-wide EnkaDrain Wide consists of a drainage core connected to nonwoven filters. The core itself is made of polymeric monofilaments, which are pre-formed into an open, V-shaped, compression-resistant structure.

While product variants with thermally bonded nonwovens are available, most landfill capping systems use EnkaDrain Wide with needle-punched nonwovens.

How EnkaDrain Wide is used as a capping drain for rainwater drainage

EnkaDrain Wide substitutes filtration geotextiles in combination with thick layers of gravel, which have traditionally been used to fulfill rainwater drainage requirements for landfill caps. The typical cross-section of a landfill cap using EnkaDrain Wide consists of a layer of topsoil on top of the drainage mat followed by the barrier layer (e.g. HDPE liner). Thanks to its high discharge capacity, EnkaDrain Wide reliably avoids any build-up of hydraulic pressure in the topsoil layer, thus ensuring its stability. Depending on the specific project parameters such as local precipitation amounts or slope angle, the right drainage mat can be selected from an extensive product portfolio. This encompasses product variants with a lifetime expectancy proven for 100 years. Drainage mats with voluntary quality labels such as Asqual or technical appraisal like the German BAM are among the most frequently selected EnkaDrain Wide products for landfill caps.

What makes EnkaDrain Wide the ideal landfill drainage system?


  • Compression-resistant V-shaped drainage core
  • Connected to durable nonwoven filters
  • Extensive product portfolio
  • Long-term compressive creep and discharge capacity test data available
  • 5 m wide and easy to cut
  • Free project-specific design proposals available


  • Proven and reliable drainage system for landfill caps
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Best in class with regard to long-term discharge capacity
  • Drainage mat can be tailored to meet specific project requirements
  • Solution with optimal cost-performance-ratio can be offered for any given project
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