EnkaDrain & EnkaRetain&Drain

Multifunctional green roofs drainage mats

Semi-intensive, intensive, and extensive green roofs deliver a wealth of benefits for project owners and entire communities. In addition to mitigating stormwater runoff, they absorb heat, reduce building cooling costs and improve the local microclimate. Of course green roofs are also visually appealing. And they create a habitat for insects and other wildlife. No wonder more and more municipalities are stimulating building-owners to construct or retrofit their buildings with them. EnkaDrain and EnkaRetain&Drain help in the design of extensive and intensive green roofs for a long service life and ensure they are constructed cost efficiently.

This is EnkaDrain

EnkaDrain for green roof drainage_copyrights Low & Bonar_Enka Solutions (3)EnkaDrain is a range of multifunctional high-performance geocomposites consisting of a durable synthetic drainage core of fused, entangled filaments and a nonwoven fabric thermally bonded to one side. For maximum strength and continuous flow even under high load, the entangled filaments are molded into a square waffle pattern or a U-groove configuration. The filter fabric is a spunlaid nonwoven that offers excellent filtering performance through its uniform open structure. It is dimensionally and thermally stable and exhibits high tensile strength per unit weight. The nonwoven is thin and flexible, yet possesses excellent tear and puncture resistance. To facilitate seamless installation, the nonwoven fabric overlaps the drainage core along one edge of the roll.

This is EnkaRetain&Drain

EnkaDrain for green roof drainage_copyrights Low & Bonar_Enka SolutionsEnkaRetain&Drain is an all-in-one drainage and water retention layer. It combines the EnkaDrain green roof drainage mat with a highly absorbent lightweight water-retention fabric. This fabric is made of recycled synthetic fibres and holds more than 7.5 times its weight in water. The geocomposite comes in a convenient roll format. EnkaRetain&Drain is water-vapor permeable and therefore suitable for installation on conventional and protected membrane roofs. Like EnkaDrain, EnkaRetain&Drain can also contribute to LEEDs credits when used in a green roof. The long rolls of both products reduce installation costs by minimizing butt seams.

How EnkaDrain and EnkaRetain&Drain help build perfect green roofs

EnkaDrain provides drainage, protection and filtration in one simple-to-install product. No aggregate is needed with EnkaDrain. This reduces the total roof weight. The matting is installed with the nonwoven filter layer uppermost. The compression-resistant drainage core guarantees a multi-directional flow of water at high rates, while the nonwoven layer serves as a filter and separator from the substrate. The EnkaDrain product range covers a large number of different drainage mats, each designed for a specific purpose. The choice of the right product type depends on the specific roof structure and use. Certain types of EnkaDrain are designed for use in extensive or intensive green roofs. Others offer effective solutions for construction projects where roof gardens are intended to take vehicular traffic or other heavy loads. In all cases, EnkaDrain provides an air layer for better insulation and allows the roots to breathe.

The fabric of EnkaRetain&Drain absorbs water for continuous hydration of plant roots. Unlike reservoir drains where water is stored in segregated small “cups”, EnkaRetain&Drain provides a uniform supply over the whole area. It is in direct contact with the growing medium and therefore readily accessible by the plants. At the same time, excess water passes through the drainage core below.

For roof designs that require added protection of the waterproofing membrane, EnkaDrain and EnkaRetain&Drain can be delivered with a second nonwoven fabric on the lower face.

What makes EnkaDrain and EnkaRetain&Drain two of the most popular green-roof drainage mats?


  • Multifunctional: Drainage and protection in one product
    (EnkaRetain&Drain plus hydration)
  • Suitable for extensive, semi-intensive and intensive green roofs
  • Lies perfectly flat during and after placement
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Simple to join – lateral overlap for easier installation
  • Resilient and compression-resistant
  • Superior discharge capacity
  • Very durable, excellent chemical and biological resistances


  • Maintains excellent flow rates in all directions under high loads
  • Minimizes installation time
  • Conforms to irregular or curved roof surfaces
  • Eliminates the need for aggregates and facilitates the design of lightweight roofs
  • Helps increase the life expectancy of the waterproofing membrane
  • Can contribute to LEEDs credits

Where to buy green roof drainage mat

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