High-performance structural drainage solution

Protecting soil-bound structures at great depths against water calls for high-performance drainage solutions. The EnkaDrain product range includes geocomposites designed as an alternative to granular drainage layers. They provide the structural drainage required at earth retaining walls, bridge abutments and concrete cantilevers. In addition, EnkaDrain protects the structure coating from mechanical damage and the product avoids clogging of the collector system. Both are important benefits over designs involving granular fill. Which EnkaDrain product variant is the right one for each specific project, depends to a large extent on the particular construction depth.

This is EnkaDrain

The EnkaDrain range of multifunctional drainage mats for structural drainage includes a large number of product variants in widths up to two meters. They all consist of a durable drainage core with excellent compressive resistance, and this is thermally bonded or spot-welded to nonwoven separator filters on one or both sides. To provide an overlap between rolls, these nonwovens are 10 cm wider than the core. The three-dimensional high-performance drainage core is made of polymeric monofilaments spun into a pyramid or V-shape configuration. The resulting three-dimensional structure it is very open and ensures maximum drainage capacity. National railway companies such as the French SNCF or the German Deutsche Bahn have issued technical approvals for certain EnkaDrain product variants.

How EnkaDrain provides reliable structural drainage

Structural-drainage systems have to provide the discharge capacity required under the maximum compressive stress of the relevant project. More often than not, EnkaDrain can be installed as a more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to gravel drainage layers. It has been successfully applied in projects where the geocomposite is exposed to static and dynamic loads of 100 kPa and more.

EnkaDrain is installed against the wall of the vertical structure to drain off sub-surface water. This avoids a build-up of hydraulic pressure on the structure. Where a product variant with one nonwoven is applied, the drainage core is placed against the wall, and the nonwoven face the soil. The overlapping geotextile prevents penetration of soil particles into the drainage core of EnkaDrain when larger areas are covered. The resulting air layer between the soil and the structure reduces the risk of humidity in the structure wall. To collect and discharge the water, a drainage pipe is placed at the bottom of the structure wall and covered by EnkaDrain. Additional granular fill is not required.

The product is easy to handle and fast to install. Thanks to its flexibility, the drainage mat can be applied with precision even around corners or pinch points. EnkaDrain not only acts as drainage layer, but also protects the insulation system. This is beneficial for the life expectancy of the finished wall.

What makes EnkaDrain outperform gravel drainage blankets?


  • Multifunctional geocomposite: Provides drainage, protection, and filtration
  • Highly pressure resistant
  • High discharge capacity
  • Air layer between soil and structure decreases humidity
  • Simple and fast to install


  • Provides reliable vertical drainage from the top to the bottom of the structure
  • Substantially more cost-efficient than using granular fill
  • Facilitates more environmentally friendly designs (less raw material required)
  • Helps minimize construction time
  • Contributes to a long service life of the finished structure
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