Foundation drainage and protection you can rely on

Moisture infiltration to foundations is a threat to every building and home. Even worse: water coupled with hydrostatic pressure can cause damage to whole structures. Therefore, proper drainage and protection of the waterproofing layer are critical to the long-term integrity of structures. EnkaDrain foundations drainage mats provide both. Lightweight, flexible and fast to install, all EnkaDrain product variants deliver high discharge capacity in their plane with excellent long-term performance. The foundation drainage system efficiently drains water away from the foundation. 

These are EnkaDrain foundation drainage mats

Every variant of EnkaDrain foundation drainage mats is based on the same basic concept: A three-dimensional composite that consists of a drainage core either connected to one or sandwiched between two nonwoven geotextile fabrics. The drainage core is composed of tough synthetic filaments. Depending on the specific product type these are molded into a square waffle pattern, spun dry into a U-groove configuration or looped and fused together where they cross to form a pyramid-shaped structure.

In all cases the result is a material with a voids ratio of 95 %. EnkaDrain is exceptionally flexible, yet compression resistant and very durable.

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How EnkaDrain protects foundations and keeps them dry

Traditional drainage layers consist of granular material. However, the performance of such a drain can be inconsistent and difficult to predict with time. Not so the discharge capacity of EnkaDrain. Equipped with one or two nonwoven geotextile filters and therefore insensitive to clogging, EnkaDrain provides a highly cost-efficient alternative to sand and aggregate drains. The geocomposite is designed to relieve hydrostatic pressure from soils abutting below-grade structures. It creates a consistent water path. Water is channeled through EnkaDrain’s drainage core to the discharge system before it ever reaches subsurface walls. The geocomposite prevents the collector drain from silting up with fine soil particles. As such, EnkaDrain keeps the structure safe from foundation cracking, and the inside space safe from mold and other moisture-causing issues. At the same time, EnkaDrain provides an insulating air gap and acts as a protection layer for the waterproofing membrane. That means that the drainage mat prevents construction equipment, sharp rock or debris in the soil from damaging the waterproofing membrane. This is a major advantage during backfilling of the trench.

The EnkaDrain product portfolio also includes product variants for use as lost shuttering or for ground vibration damping

What makes EnkaDrain the perfect foundation drainage system


  • Lightweight and exceptionally flexible
  • Proven and predictable flow rates
  • Continuous flow even under high loads
  • Provides an insulating air gap
  • Lies perfectly flat (no shape memory)
  • Includes fabric overlap for easy jointing
  • Can be installed under all weather conditions
  • Very durable: rot-proof and chemically resistant


  • Helps keep buildings dry for many years
  • Conforms to all surface shapes
  • Protects the waterproofing layer during and after backfilling
  • Helps realize total cost savings when compared to the use of granular material
  • Fast installation minimizes construction time
  • Insulating air gap improves the energy efficiency of the finished building


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