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Keeping turf surfaces dry and the game on

Among other factors, the average uptime of sports fields and playgrounds utilizing turf surfaces is determined by the performance of the subsurface drainage system used. This must prevent water ponding as well as muddy areas after rainfall. EnkaSport and EnkaTurfDrain are designed to provide the required water drainage. They are being installed in a growing number of playing fields in North America, Europe and increasingly also Asia.

This is EnkaSport

EnkaSport is a three-dimensional full-field drainage mat for synthetic turf pitches. Its drainage core is made of synthetic monofilaments which are thermally pre-formed into a V-shape configuration.

This optimizes the product’s pressure resistance. On both faces, thermally bonded nonwoven filter fabrics are spot-welded or sewn to the drainage core. This is to ensure that the drainage path remains open at all times.To guarantee that the joints are covered when lengths of EnkaSport are laid adjacent to one another, both nonwovens extend by about 10 cm along one edge of the core. EnkaSport can be delivered with a width of two or five meters.

This is EnkaTurfDrain

EnkaDrain_Drainage mat for sports fields_copyrights Low & Bonar_Enka Solutions-1EnkaTurfDrain is a high-performance subsurface strip drain. It consists of a nylon drainage core of fused, entangled filaments. These are completely encased in a heat-bonded geotextile fabric.

The strip drain is suitable for use in both synthetic and natural turf sports pitches as well as golf courses, recreational fields and playgrounds. Especially in North America, this field-drain solution enjoys great popularity. EnkaTurfDrain can be delivered in widths of 6 or 12 inches (approx. 15 or 30 cm).

How EnkaSport & EnkaTurfDrain ensure effective rainwater management

Installed directly below the synthetic turf carpet, EnkaSport drains rainwater completely away. The specific shape of the product’s drainage core is designed to maximize its discharge capacity. Year after year, water is channelled effectively through the matrix of entangled filaments. Laying EnkaSport drain is simple. The full-field drainage mat is flexible, lightweight and easy to roll into place.

EnkaTurfDrain eliminates the need for a perforated pipe system and the associated considerable work involved with installing the pipes. The flexible strips are typically laid from the crown of the field to the outlying perimeter drains. EnkaTurf Drain can also be used for golf courses and footings to drain low areas.

The 95 % open core of both EnkaSport and EnkaTurfDrain allows water to drain over the entire surface, while the geotextile filter holds back soil particles, keeping the core free to drain.

What makes EnkaSport & EnkaTurfDrain superior drainage systems?


  • Excellent durability
  • High compression resistance
  • Great flexibility
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals found on construction sites


  • Cost-efficient and proven drainage solutions
  • High discharge capacity even under high loads
  • Drains conform to irregular surfaces
  • Both products minimize installation time
  • Complete and effective coverage ensured


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