EnkaDrain case study from Geldermalsen, Netherlands

Water drainage at a landfill

AVRI Geldermalsen is a closed landfill. After closing, the landfill has to be covered with a double barrier in order to have a safe 100% watertight solution with a lifetime expectancy of 100 years minimum. EnkaDrain was installed on top of the watertight liner to provide drainage and prevent cover soil from sliding off the liner.


After reaching the maximum capacity of the landfill, waste has to be isolated to prevent environmental pollution. After isolating, the aim is to create a ‘natural’ look of the landfill. To have it fit in the landscape, the capping will be covered with 1 meter top soil and seeded with grass. Capping of a landfill is an expensive job. Considering that capping must be re-done as soon as the capping system has reached its full life-time, authorities will immediately start saving a yearly amount of money to be able to finance future re-capping. When the life-time expectancy of the capping system is increased, less annual savings will be required.



Installation of a high quality capping system; all components having a life-time-expectancy of 100 years minimum!
Components are:

  • Double barrier layer: polymer modified sand/bentonite layer, secure welded structured 2 mm HDPE liner
  • Drainage layer: EnkaDrain ZB 350



EnkaDrain ZB 350 is produced and audited according to the German BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung) regulations, in order to produce a drainage composite with not only a 100 years life expectancy of the product itself but also of its functionality.

With the use of EnkaDrain ZB 350, savings for a potential future capping can be spread over a period of 100 years.