High performance drainage mat for pavers and hardscape

To ensure that they can be used comfortably all year round, pavements, parking areas and plaza decks require effective subsurface drainage. This ensures the proper runoff of excess rainwater. EnkaDrain can be used as an alternative to mineral drainage material. It is substantially more lightweight, easier to transport and faster to install. Over the past decades, thousands of hardscapes have been built around the globe with this compression-resistant, high-performance drainage mat.

This is EnkaDrain

EnkaDrain geosynthetic drain for pavers & hardscape Copyrights Low & Bonar_Enka SolutionsAll EnkaDrain product variants for pavers and hardscape drainage are multifunctional three-dimensional composite materials. They consist of a durable drainage layer sandwiched between two strong, but lightweight nonwoven filter fabrics. To avoid the problem of filter intrusion into the core, the space between contact points of the core and filter is small compared to other types of drainage geocomposites. The drainage layer itself is made of tough synthetic monofilaments. These are pre-shaped into a U-groove or V-shape configuration. The result is a pressure-resistant open structure with 95 % of void space.

To optimally comply with local building norms, the EnkaDrain product portfolio for pavers and hardscape drainage includes variants designed for specific regions. They all can be installed quickly and easily. And thanks to the polymers used, they possess outstanding resistance to all chemicals commonly occurring in the soil.

How EnkaDrain reliably drains off excess water

Securing a well-designed drainage system is a major task that can be fulfilled by geocomposites. Where traffic loads are expected, high compression resistance is one of the main factors to be taken into account when choosing a suitable product. EnkaDrain can replace gravel drainage layers with a thickness up to 30-40 cm. This results in less excavation, and substantial cost and CO2-emission savings related to the sourcing as well as transport of granular material. Therefore EnkaDrain is the preferred choice of an increasing number of engineers and contractors. It is compression resistant enough to guarantee high flow rates even under the highest loads. When installed in parking roofs the drainage mat not only provides a drainage system, which prevents the infiltration of rain water. It also protects the waterproofing layer. At the same time, EnkaDrain ensures the separation of the waterproofing layer and the upper concrete layer. The drainage mat thus reduces the risk of humidity in the concrete structure. EnkaDrain is lightweight as well as easy to handle and install. It can be cut with a pair of scissors. Thanks to its flexibility, the drainage mat can be applied with precision even in corners or at pinch points.

Looking for drainage mats for softscape designs? Then check out our green roof section to find out more about our EnkaDrain green roof products.

What makes EnkaDrain the ideal drainage system for pavers and hardscapes


  • Multifunctional product providing drainage, separation and protection
  • Superior discharge capacity
  • Long-term compression resistance
  • High predictable flow rates
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Very lightweight
  • Simple to cut


  • Helps realize cost-efficient designs
  • Much faster to install than granular material
  • Continuous water flow guaranteed even under high loads
  • Maximizes the service life of pavers and hardscapes
  • Replacement of granular material contributes to CO2-emission savings
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