Shockpad & drainage layer in one

Synthetic turf has become a popular surface for recreational fields, playgrounds and pitches for sports such as soccer, hockey or rugby. The reasons for this include its consistent performance and availability in all weather conditions. In turf systems that require a shock pad, the multifunctional EnkaFlex can be installed: a high-performance FIFA Quality & Quality Pro, FIH and World Rugby-approved shockpad and drainage mat. For many years already, EnkaFlex has been the reliable choice of specifiers, turf contractors and facility owners alike.

This is EnkaFlex

EnkaDrain structure drainage mat Copyrights Low & Bonar_Enka Solutions (2)The multifunctional EnkaFlex is a three-dimensional composite product. It consists of a pressure-resistant spacer layer made of looped polymeric monofilaments with nonwoven geotextile filters on both sides. The product range also includes variants in which one filter nonwoven is replaced by an impermeably coated nonwoven fabric.

While most EnkaFlex shockpads and drainage layers are 10 mm thick, composites with a thickness of 15 mm are also available. The product is delivered on approximately one meter-wide rolls. For most product types, rolls can be supplied with the same length as the pitch.

How EnkaFlex helps maximize facility usage and playing comfort

EnkaFlex combines the functions of shock absorption and drainage in one simple-to-install product. It can be used on engineered and dynamic bases. The shockpad and drainage mat is compatible with all types of tufted synthetic turf and infill material. In most pitch designs EnkaFlex is installed immediately below the synthetic turf and on top of the sub-base and levelling layer.

It is thick enough to provide superior discharge capacity for effective stormwater management, while being stiff enough to avoid excessive springiness of the turf surface. It ensures that play can take place soon after rain, maximizing usage while keeping maintenance costs low. At the same time the energy restitution delivered by EnkaFlex helps create a surface which is more comfortable for players and reduces the risk of injuries.

Testing at independent institutes has confirmed that the product complies with all relevant industry requirements.

What makes EnkaFlex a premium shockpad and drainage material?



  • Suitable for installation on engineered and dynamic bases
  • Can be used with all types of tufted turf and infill material
  • Reliable, yet cost-efficient solution
  • Simple to install, facilitates fast installation
  • Supports a natural play feel
  • Maximizes the life expectancy of turf surfaces


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