High-performance rainscreen system

Most wall failures are related to moisture from rain, snow, humid air, or groundwater. Research by the EPA (Clinical Studies in Environmental Health) has underpinned the importance of moisture control. Inclusion of EnkaWallDrain rainscreen drainage mat in the exterior wall construction is a highly effective measure. The rainscreen promotes drainage and drying of the wall through ventilation and reduces the risk of deterioration of the cladding, sheathing and structural materials. At the same time, the product provides a thermal break and a capillary gap between the cladding and the water-resistant barrier. EnkaWallDrain has proven its effectiveness in renovation and new construction alike.

This is EnkaWallDrain

EnkaWallDrain U Plus 3107-WD50 Rainscreen drainage mat by Enka Solutions copyrights Low & BonarEnkaWallDrain is a high-performance rainscreen drainage system for buildings that acts as a rain screen in exterior-wall designs behind the wood, fiber cement, brick, stone, and stucco. The rainscreen drainage mat can also apply the mat in combination with Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS). EnkaWallDrain consists of a very open yet compression-resistant three-dimensional polymeric monofilament structure thermally bonded to a nonwoven filter fabric. The shape of the filament structure can vary depending on specific project parameters and requirements.

The standard product portfolio includes three options: a pyramid, dimple, or waffle shape.

How EnkaWallDrain is used to provide effective moisture control

EnkaWallDrain rainscreen drainage mats are installed with the filament structure facing the building and the fabric on the outside. With its 95 % of void space, the rainscreen’s entangled filament structure provides a ventilation gap behind the cladding. Fresh air can enter at the bottom of the wall and exit at the top. The product ensures continuous ventilation in all directions. This is a powerful drying mechanism, and reduces mold growth. EnkaWallDrain also provides a drain path for water from wind-driven rain and leaks in joints. It redirects and draws moisture away from the cladding, sheathing and structural materials,  significantly increasing their lifespan. Additional benefits of EnkaWallDrain are the thermal break between the cladding and the sheathing, and a capillary gap which generates energy savings for both cooling and heating, as well as reducing exterior noise penetrating into the structure.

What makes EnkaWallDrain the ideal rainscreen ventilation and drainage solution


  • 95% of void space
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Flexible, yet compression-resistant
  • Includes a protective fabric with overlap side flaps
  • Smooth edges for maximum construction-site safety
  • Contributes to LEED points
  • Class A rating available
  • Meets Canadian Building Code requirements for rainscreens


  • High ventilation and flow rates in all directions
  • Reliably reduces mold growth potential in exterior walls
  • Protects even more vulnerable sheathing material like OSB
  • Provides a thermal break between cladding and sheathing
  • Reduces exterior noise coming into the structure
  • Filter fabric assures drain path remains completely clear of stucco or mortar
  • Resists compression from cladding installation
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces and corners
  • Guarantees full coverage of the wall
  • Quicker to install than furring strips
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