EnkaGrip & EnkaGrid PRO

Veneer stabilization for landfill slopes to last

The reduction of the waste-storage footprint and optimization of the storage capacity of landfills often lead to increased slope angles, heights, and slope lengths. At the same time, the seamless integration of landfills into the surrounding landscape calls for a soil cover on top of the multi-layered sealing system. This also protects the geomembrane against UV degradation and mechanical damage. To provide the necessary stabilization and maintain the integrity of the slope’s face over the entire service life of the finished landfill, EnkaGrip or EnkaGrid PRO can be installed.

Solutions for veneer stabilization

This is EnkaGrip

Specifically designed for use on sealing systems which incorporate geomembranes on slopes, EnkaGrip is a 4.9 m-wide multifunctional geocomposite. It consists of a three-dimensional grip layer sewn to a reinforcing woven fabric.

Made of polyamide monofilaments, the grip layer provides 95 % of void space. EnkaGrip can be supplied with a thickness up to 20 mm and with tensile strengths of up to 400 kN/m. The geocomposite is lightweight as well as very flexible, and therefore easy to handle during installation. The product portfolio also encompasses a product variant which includes a rainwater drainage layer as a third component: EnkaGrip&Drain.

This is EnkaGrid PRO

Enkagrid PRO is a long-term durable uniaxial geogrid made of laser-welded, highly oriented, extruded polyester strips. Its principal tensile strength is in the longitudinal direction. Five different strengths are available.

EnkaGrid PRO’s secondary tensile strength is in transverse direction. For maximum speed of installation, the geogrid can be delivered in widths up to 5 m.

How EnkaGrip and EnkaGrid PRO provide reliable slope stability

In most landfill capping designs, geomembranes laid below the drainage layer ensure that the slopes are watertight. EnkaGrip, EnkaGrip&Drain as well as EnkaGrid PRO provide the tensile strength needed to safeguard the long-term stability of the capping system and protective layer installed on top of the smooth membrane surface. The slope angle and type of local soil are the most critical parameters in identifying the right grip or geogrid layer for each specific project.

EnkaGrip and EnkaGrip&Drain provide veneer stabilization where a soil gripping layer is needed. They increase the internal friction between the sealing system and the soil cover. The grip layer thus protects the geomembrane by preventing sliding failure, which would expose the underlying layers to weathering. In addition to acting as a stabilization and protection layer, EnkaGrip&Drain serves as rainwater drainage, separation, and filtration layer in one fast-to-install product.

EnkaGrid PRO is used in landfills which require veneer stabilization to prevent tensile failure of the drainage layer installed on the geomembrane, but can do without the soil-gripping function

Features & Benefits

What makes EnkaGrip the ideal solution for veneer stabilization?


  • Excellent durability and long-term performance
  • Multifunctional: soil-gripping and stabilization (EnkaGrip&Drain: plus drainage)
  • High shear resistance thanks to industrial sewing
  • Artificial ‘root structure’ over 1,800 m/m2
  • Extensive design support available


  • Safe and secure solution to meet technical and regulatory requirements for stabilization, soil gripping (and drainage)
  • Supports cost-efficient landfill designs
  • Reduces installation time
  • Protects the geomembrane

What makes EnkaGrid PRO the ideal solution for veneer stabilization?


  • Wide product range
  • Excellent durability and long-term performance
  • High stiffness and low creep properties
  • Reliably redistributes shear forces
  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • Extensive design support available


  • Helps maximize use of available space
  • Great product reliability – installed in many landfills around the globe
  • Supports cost-efficient landfill designs
  • Maximizes speed of installation
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