Ground vibration damping and drainage in one

To meet requirements with regards to human health, comfort, and value of property, the increasing building density in large cities calls for careful planning. That is particularly true for new build in the vicinity of major noise and vibration sources. Examples include heavily used roads, trams, and railways. The EnkaDrain portfolio encompasses product variants which provide noise control and ground vibration damping as well as drainage in one simple-to-install product. The combination of these capabilities makes EnkaDrain highly effective and able to outperform alternative solutions.

This is EnkaDrain

Following in-depth research coupled with complementary in-situ monitoring, EnkaDrain ST and EnkaDrain CK were launched for vibration damping and noise control about 15 years ago. While most alternative materials are made of polypropylene, the spacer and drainage layer of EnkaDrain ST and CK uses polyamide. This makes the looped filament structure frost-proof and prevents it from becoming brittle at low temperatures.

With 95 % of void space, the spacer and drainage layer of EnkaDrain ST and EnkaDrain CK is very open. Both geocomposites are lightweight and flexible.

Over its full surface, the core of EnkaDrain ST is thermally bonded to nonwoven filter fabrics on both sides. EnkaDrain CK has a laitance-tight PVC layer on one side and on a nonwoven geotextile on the other. In both products, the PVC layer and nonwoven filter(s) extend 100 mm to one side of the core in opposite directions. This ensures that the joint is covered when rolls of EnkaDrain are installed adjacent to one another. For maximum ease of handling, EnkaDrain ST and EnkaDrain CK are delivered with a width of one meter.

How EnkaDrain absorbs ground vibration and noise

If no corrective measures are taken, low-frequency vibrations caused by rail transport or other noise and vibration sources are carried into buildings through foundations and basements. Their occurrence in slabs and walls is perceptible and has a negative impact on living in such buildings. EnkaDrain ST and EnkaDrain CK reduce the transmission of horizontal vibration to vertical sections of the building. Both geocomposites can be installed directly to the foundation or used as an absorbent layer between the source of vibration and the building. Depending on specific project conditions, including the frequency and range of the dynamic load as well as local soil conditions, one or multiple layers of EnkaDrain are used. EnkaDrain ST and EnkaDrain CK have proven their performance in a great number of projects. The reduction of vibration is clearly noticeable and measurable compared to buildings in the locality without vibration and noise absorption materials.

In additional to its vibration-insulation function, EnkaDrain also acts as a vertical drainage and a protection layer for the waterproofing of the basement wall. With its filtration and separation functions, the outer nonwoven geotextile of EnkaDrain ST transfers water to the drainage core whilst keeping the core free from soil particles. Thanks to its PVC layer, EnkaDrain CK can also be used as lost shuttering.

What makes EnkaDrain the preferred vibration damping solution?


  • Multifunctional product providing vibration and noise control as well as drainage and protection
  • Suitable for use as lost shuttering (EnkaDrain CK)
  • Polyamide core: provides ground-vibration damping at all temperatures
  • Resistant to compression
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport, handle and install
  • Very flexible


  • Supports cost-efficient designs
  • Maximizes comfort for users of buildings
  • Suitable for complex geometries
  • Great ease of installation
  • Minimizes cost of construction
  • Helps reduce consumption of land by facilitating new build in urban areas
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