EnkaDrain CK & EnkaDrain CKL

Lost shuttering and drainage in one

Shuttering required to cast concrete against existing structures often involves extensive measures taking up considerable space, time and cost. Using special geocomposites as lost shuttering (sacrificial shuttering) and as a protective sheet between adjacent structures can help to reduce these factors significantly; and that while also providing the drainage needed at significant depth. Time and time again, engineers have found that installing EnkaDrain CK or EnkaDrain CKL to replace one shuttering has helped them build demanding structures cost-efficiently to their clients’ full satisfaction.

This is EnkaDrain CK

EnkaDrain CK_copyrights Low & Bonar_Enka SolutionsEnkaDrain CK is a multifunctional geocomposite. The product is designed for use as both a drainage layer and lost shuttering. The EnkaDrain CK(L) product range comprises a number of different product types. Their drainage core is attached to a filter nonwoven on one side and a concrete-tight PVC layer or coated nonwoven with very low permeability on the other. This latter prevents cement slurry entering the core.

Both the PVC layer and the nonwoven filter extend 10 cm over one edge of the core, along opposite edges. This ensures that the joint is covered when rolls of EnkaDrain CK or EnkaDrain CKL are laid adjacent to one another. EnkaDrain CK(L) is delivered on easy-to-handle one meter-wide rolls.

How EnkaDrain CK supports cost-efficient construction

In many cases, EnkaDrain CK or EnkaDrain CKL serve as lost shuttering, replacing one set of shuttering. It is installed between the concrete diaphragm walls, sheet piles or bored piles, and the inside concrete building wall.  Where EnkaDrain CK(L) is used, concrete can be applied directly without any loss of space. At the same time, the pressure-resistant geocomposite provides drainage at significant depths. EnkaDrain CK and EnkaDrain CKL are so flexible that they can be adapted to the most complex geometries.

All EnkaDrain CK products are quick and easy to use. They can be attached to the structure using construction adhesive or discs nailed to the wall. EnkaDrain CK is elastic, which means it can also be used as a flexible separation layer between adjacent buildings. Here it considerably reduces soil-borne noise and vibration and acts as a load separator. This can be particularly useful for building construction projects close to railways.

What makes EnkaDrain CK(L) outperform alternative solutions


  • Multifunctional product: serves as lost/ sacrificial shuttering while also providing drainage
  • Concrete / shotcrete-tight
  • High water-flow capacity
  • Excellent flexibility
  • High compressive strength
  • Provides consistent long-term performance
  • Delivered on compact lightweight rolls


  • Supports cost-efficient construction
  • Minimizes required excavation volume
  • Optimizes use of available space
  • Adapts to the most complex geometries
  • Simple to transport and handle
  • Quick to install in all weather conditions
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