EnkaDrain Wide case study from Tatábanya Landfill, Hungary

Side drainage at a landfill

In Dubnik-valley the Tatabánya Waste Treatment Centre was built within the framework of the “Danube-Vértes Köze Regional Waste Management Program”. This project included a new landfill construction with two cassettes.


For the design and construction of the two cassettes with 66.500 m2 landfill space in all, regulations related to landfill and waste dumping of Ministry of Water and Environment had to be considered. Moreover, the most economical and also technically suitable solution had to be chosen. The most appropriate geophysical monitoring system, sealing and drainage layers had to be built.


EnkaDrain 5004C/5-1s/M300PP for drainage of the inside slopes.
Installing EnkaDrain Wide drainage geocomposite meant a cost-efficient and regulation related solution for creating drainage, protection and filtration layers.


EnkaDrain Wide is a high performance and pressure-resistant (500 kPa) geocomposite with a long time drainage capacity, resulting from its unique drainage “V” shape zigzag inner core and stitched high-quality geotextile with filtration and separation functions.

With the installation of this geocomposite the amount of expensive grained drainage materials are reduced significantly, cutting cost on materials as well as transportation. Hence with EnkaDrain Wide geocomposite a long time, reliable, high performance, cost-efficient sealing and drainage system was planned and constructed.