EnkaMat 7010 case study

Erosion control system at Road No. 8, Hungary

The nearside lanes of the road between Székesfehérvár and Veszprém were in a poor state. Various settlements and cracks made transport between the cities more difficult. To solve the problems in the long run, retaining walls and steep slopes with EnkaMat erosion control were established.


The renewal of the road between Várpalota and Hajmáskér (~6 km) was necessary mainly due to the bad condition of the nearside lanes. To create the required road width and the proper drainage system, retaining walls and steep slopes were needed because of the limited free space alongside the lanes. For steep slopes the contractor used TECCO high-tensile wire system (from Geobrugg) to stabilize the slopes. Furthermore due to the fragmented rock surface a UV resistant material had to be created as a retention layer under the high-tensile wire.


Installing one layer of EnkaMat 7010 under the TECCO wire mesh:
• Erosion protection against rainwater and wind,
• Retention of the fragmented rock surface,
• Grip layer for the topsoil and the roots of vegetation, in the case of a hydroseeding procedure.
The EnkaMat 3D erosion control mat combined with TECCO wire system gives an ideal protection against slope sliding and soil erosion. EnkaMat 7010 is a strong, three dimensional 10 mm thick mat with an open structure with over 90% voids. It creates an artificial root structure by its high filament density (up to 1810m filament / m2) which ensures a permanent and green solution.
Due to the high-quality polyamide (PA) raw material, EnkaMat 7010 has high UV resistance which was a required property in this application. The UV resistance of EnkaMat has been tested by several independent organizations.


EnkaMat is light and flexible, adapts easily to soil profiles and fits perfectly under the steel wire. By using the multifunctional EnkaMat 7010 a cost-effective and maintenance-free solution has been established with long term reliability.