Dependable erosion control matting for dry and wet slopes

Wind and water: These are the two elements that are most often the cause of erosion of our natural or engineered environment. When naturally growing vegetation alone cannot prevent erosion, EnkaMat erosion control matting is the solution. Introduced in the 1970s, it was the first ‘rolled erosion-control product’ (RECP) developed exclusively for this application. And EnkaMat continues to be the most widely recognized and specified turf reinforcement mat (TRM). The product’s unique combination of strength and flexibility enables EnkaMat to solve erosion challenges on slopes, banks, ditches, channels, spillways, shorelines and other erosion-prone areas.

This is EnkaMat

The EnkaMat 7000 Series is the cornerstone of the erosion-control blanket product line. Available in different thicknesses, these three-dimensional turf reinforcement mats are made of continuous monofilaments fused at their intersections. 95 % percent of the EnkaMat structure is open and available for soil, mulch, and root interaction. This creates the most effective root-reinforcement mat available. EnkaMat erosion control matting is manufactured from nylon to eliminate the buoyancy factor associated with submerged conditions. It provides permanent TRM protection in vegetated channels, as well as on slopes.

This is EnkaMat R

EnkaMat R is a high-performance geosynthetic that incorporates a high-tenacity polyester geogrid within the entangled filaments of the three-dimensional high-performance turf reinforcement mat. The combination of a high-strength tensile member for reinforcement at low strains and the TRM for root entanglement provides unique properties for erosion control applications along shorelines, in channels, steep slopes and as a grip layer under vegetated veneers.

How EnkaMat Turf Reinforcement Mat reliably prevents erosion

EnkaMat erosion control matting can be used effectively in many situations. Whether erosion control is required above, at, or below the water level or on dry slopes, a suitable EnkaMat variant is available for any condition. EnkaMat’s three-dimensional, flexible matrix conforms to any smooth soil surface. The turf reinforcement mat is installed on the prepared soil bed free of rocks, clumps, roots, or other irregularities. Once secured in place, the erosion-control blanket can be seeded, and soil or mulch filled. Its open structure provides space for the soil and stimulates root and plant growth. As the roots develop, they become entangled within the fused filaments, anchoring vegetation and creating a stable cover. EnkaMat is also an ideal underlay for sod. Many independent organizations have tested EnkaMat. Examples include the Colorado State University, the Army Corps of Engineers (ERDC) and the German Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau (BAW).

What makes EnkaMat the ideal erosion control matting


  • Wide product range
  • High shear resistance
  • Large area holding capacity for soil
  • Proven durability and UV stability
  • Stimulates swift growth of vegetation
  • Convenient 8′ width


  • Proven erosion-control solution
  • Excellent substrate for hydraulic mulch infill
  • Conforms to any surface or soil profile
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Delivers immediate erosion control
  • Helps create fully green slope landscapes
  • Very cost-efficient: no maintenance required
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