Flow media and spacers for vacuum infusion and structural injection moulding


The Enka Solutions Composites portfolio of flow media and spacer products are applied during the production of a diverse selection of end-products. Readily available solutions for VARTM, SRIM and foam molding processes ensure high-performance manufacturing of small and large-scale complex fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) parts inexpensively and in one pass. Enka 3D filament structured mats engineered for the Composites industry are strong, lightweight and flexible, easy to handle for all shapes. Learn how Enka Solutions improve composite properties below.

Our Solutions

Composites_Foam Injection Molding_EnkaSpacer by Enka Solutions copyrights Low & Bonar

Foam injection moulding

Composites_Resin_EnkaFusion_EnkaChannel by Enka Solutions copyrights Low & Bonar

Flow media

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  • Consumables for resin infusion processes
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  • Spacer for reaction injection moulding processes
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  • Flow media and spacers for vacuum infusion and structural injection moulding
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Improving composite properties

Enka technology USP

Whether used to speed up resin flow under a vacuum, or as part of the final composite, our 3D mats resist damage from chemicals.

EnkaMat USP 3

Even under high vacuum, our 3D mats resist compression, and yet remain flexible and resilient.

EnkaMat USP 4

The open structure of our mats lets resin move freely – and you can bond, glue or weld other materials to it, creating innovative products.

EnkaMat USP 5

Light-weight 3D structured mats, delivered in rolls, are either pre-cut for needed width and volume or can easily be cut to size on site.