Soil consolidation within months rather than years

With an increasing number of infrastructure projects being realized in marshland areas, on soft clays or weak soils, the slow consolidation of soil has become a frequent challenge. Achieving a degree of consolidation of 90 % can take up to 25 years. Colbonddrain prefabricated vertical drains (PVDs) assure a significant acceleration of this process. They promote the required soil consolidation within months instead of years. This drastically reduces the costs involved. Hundreds of millions of linear meters of Colbonddrain already have been installed around the globe. Examples of projects realized with this drain include the Marmaray City Train Station in Istanbul as well a major storm-protection levee in New Orleans.

These are Colbonddrain prefabricated vertical drains

colbonddrain CX1000 by Enka Solutions for fast soil consolidationColbonddrain is a high performance Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD). Leading European consultants, laboratories and geosynthetics specialists have been involved in the development of this 10 cm-wide product.

Its solid polymer drainage core is fully covered with a strong and permeable fabric filter, attached by means of thermal bonding. This makes the vertical drain extremely resistant to damage during installation. And the design of the core of Colbonddrain is also aimed at creating a geocomposite with superior performance characteristics.

Thanks to its unique corrugated cross section, the discharge capacity of this prefabricated vertical drain is setting a benchmark. And for an improved carbon footprint, it is made of post-consumer recycled content.


Depending on the specific project conditions and requirements, the appropriate PVD can be chosen from two Colbonddrain options offering different discharge capacities. Colbonddrain is delivered on rolls measuring with lengths of up to 330 linear meters.

How Colbonddrain helps significantly accelerate soil consolidation

Colbonddrain is usually installed with a purpose-built installation rig mounted on a hydraulic excavator. If the compressible clay layer is very deep and/or contains gravel bands, special techniques such as vibrators and heavy mandrels may be required. More often than not, in addition to its high discharge capacity, Colbonddrain is chosen for its excellent tensile strength. This allows fast installation. Installed to depths up to 100 meters, the prefabricated vertical drain forms an upward path for excess pore-water created by the overburden. Water is drained off to the surface resulting in a stable subgrade on which construction can take place. While consolidation settlement is underway, reclamation works and infrastructure installation can be launched and continued – a major advantage on every construction site.

What makes Colbonddrain the ideal soil consolidation solution


  • A unique patented corrugated core structure
  • Drainage core made of post-consumer recycled content
  • Strong filter nonwoven thermally bonded to the entire surface of the core
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Roll length of up to 330 linear meters


  • Core profile guarantees laminar flow for optimum performance
  • Can be used in all soil types
  • Can be installed on all common installation rig types
  • Supports efficient transport and reduced storage time on site
  • Recycled content combined with logistic advantages helps realize carbon footprint savings
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