Colbonddrain® CX1000 case study from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

5 m high sound barrier

All Dutch Highways need enwidening in the next 15 years; business and private car traffic has increased and consequently the present road network needs upgrading, in some cases the saturated soil would cause delay in the building process. Colbonddrain provides the efficient solution. Enwidening Highways means that the tarmac comes closer to the houses along the highway. By special Dutch Law sound barriers have to be build along the highways to secure the health and safety of the population.


In Rhoon/Rotterdam the subsoil consists of 20 to 30 metres deep soft marine and river clay. This subsoil is not able to carry the 5 meter high sound barrier without large settlements, the risk of large deformations and possible failure of the structure.



To accelerate the necessary pre-settlements up to 12 months the technology of vertical drains has been chosen so that the execution of the road enwidening takes place in an efficient manner. A traditional settlement period of >20 years will be reduced to less than one year!
Colbonddrain CX1000 offers an economical solution. The product is prefabricated, consisting of a castellated core and a nonwoven thermally bonded at each sides. The great value of this technology has been proven by Colbonddrain CX1000 in the past 40 years.



Prefabricated Vertical Drains (wickdrains) can be installed very fast with highly professionalised equipment. Some of these machines install 12,000 linear meters per day.

Colbonddrain CX1000 was an important factor for the project’s successful end result. It provided conduit for faster pore water dissipation, which is a major consideration when working in soft marshy soils. Colbonddrain accelerated consolidation and settlement time dramatically, allowing the barrier to be built much sooner.

Colbonddrain, a 100 mm wide prefabricated vertical drain, includes an extruded polymer core fully covered with a filter fabric. Its tensile strength is higher than most wicks drains and the fabric is thermally bonded to the polymer core in a unique way. The core itself is distinctive because its typical corrugated cross section, allowing fast water discharge. Altogether it’s a thoroughly tough and durable composite with excellent drainage capacities.

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