EnkaGrid case study from Vác, Hungary

Basal Reinforcement at Vác Railway Station

The Vác railway station is one of Budapest’s most important suburban railway terminals. To keep up with increasing traffic, its modernization was a priority. EnkaGrid MAX was selected for reinforcement under the railway ballast.

With EnkaGrid a cost effective and long term reliable structure has been established with faster installation and with lower carbon footprint impact compared to traditional methods.


During the design of the Hungarian railway lines in 2014 the designers had to deal with cohesive soils with ineligible geotechnical parameters under the railway superstructures. A similar problem came up at the renewal of one of the busiest railway stations in North Hungary.
The subsoil under the sub base layer did not have enough bearing capacity to carry the heavy dynamic loads from the railway.



Enka Website Projects Slider images 1180x1029 #3-2• Installing one layer of EnkaGrid MAX 40 laser welded biaxial geogrid to reinforce the structure.
EnkaGrid MAX 40 establishes an effective interlock which will stiffen the soil at the level of the grid.

It creates a composite material reaction which is better than pure tensile force alone.




Due to the polypropylene raw material of EnkaGrid MAX it can be used in every natural soil as well as recycled material with excellent durability and installation damage resistance.
The EnkaGrid MAX laser welded geogrid exhibits an optimal interaction with most of the granular soils, it can increase the service life of the whole construction, reduces the maintenance costs and the carbon footprint at the same time.

Cross section of the railway superstructure at Vác Railway Station by Enka Solutions_Copyright Low & Bonar
Cross section of the railway superstructure

In this current application the EnkaGrid MAX 40 provided an immediate increase of the bearing capacity (the tensile strength is 16 kN/m at 2% strain) which enabled the construction of the ballast without increasing the thickness of the sub base layer. Furthermore, the use of these geosynthetics improves the load distribution and provides better settlement equalization in the long term.


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