Natural wet area of “Marais poitevin", France

River bank restoration of Sèvre Niortaise with EnkaMat A20

This project concerns the river bank restoration of “Sèvre niortaise“ located in France near the city of Niort in the natural wetland called “Marais poitevin”. This area is a well known place regarding tourism and biodiversity but also very vulnerable.


Located near the city of Niort and also known as the “Green Venice”, the riverbanks of the Sèvre are subject to erosion caused by the leasure traffic on the river and the influence of the tide downstream.
Under these conditions, the local administration (IIBSN) responsible for managing the wetland and its maintenance, must meet a dual challenge: restore the riverbanks in order to pursue the activities in the marshlands while taking into account the environment’s richness and its fragility.



Since 2000, IIBSN has developed and implemented a restoration technique combining vegetation andEnkaMat A20 in the middle tidal zone.
This technique allows the reconstruction of a stable berm embankment footing respecting the original profile and offering space for plantation with native helophytes.
The total length of the restoration is now about 8,500 m and shows particularly good results.



EnkaMat A20 offers the following benefits:

  • Exceptional durability and resistance to hydraulic erosion
  • High permeability that promotes water exchange with the riverbank
  • Promotes a rapid revegetation with rhizomes or helophytes plants
  • Protects the riverbank against burrowing and pests
  • Environmental friendly proven by a site survey in August 2014 to meet regulatory requirements on water and aquatic environments.

EnkaMat A20 is used to full satisfaction since 2000 by offering a well balanced solution respecting the priorities as they were set by the local administration for the restoration of this vulnerable wetland.

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