Case study from Daventry, UK

Erosion prevention at a new dyke with EnkaMat A20

A housing development area has to be protected against a flood that could possibly flow from an adjacent basin whose levees are no longer reliable. A newly shaped dyke was erected to guide the flow. In order to protect the slope of the dyke against erosion it was proposed to install EnkaMat A20.

The embankment was built with locally available soil with sufficient germination potential. However, because of the possible breakthrough of the reservoir dam, a huge water flow can be expected that is guided along the new dyke, causing considerable damage. To prevent this damage EnkaMat A20 was installed such that the mat and the rapidly available vegetation provide
a solid erosion protection.

Related application

EnkaMat A20 is a three-dimensional open polyamide mat containing a mineral filter of chippings bound with bitumen and has 40 to 50% voids. It provides a sustainable and maintenance free protection of the bank.