Supporting effective cleaning of air and water

Industrial Filtration

In industrial liquid mist separators, air and (waste) water treatment systems, high contact surface area is key to scrub contaminants from waste air or water streams. The unique Enka structure allows for optimal flow because of the 95% open spacing, as well as providing excellent surface area for high-efficiency removal systems.

Filtura — the future of filtration is here

Enka Solutions for industrial filtration and waste water treatment are now part of Filtura. We are bringing together our established and successful brands – Colback®Enka® solutions,  Evolon®, Karbofil and Lutradur® – under our new future-focused umbrella brand, Filtura to create a uniquely powerful, integrated product portfolio.

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Our solutions

Filtration_Packing media_Biotricklers by Enka Solutions copyrights Low & Bonar

Packing media

for biotricklers

Filtration_Packing media_demisters by Enka Solutions copyrights Low & Bonar

Packing media

for demisters

Quality through technology

EnkaMat USP 4

The filaments form a very strong structure that is 95% open in all directions for high drainage and aeration to promote healthy plant growth.

Lightweight resiliance by Enka Solutions copyrights Low & Bonar (2)

The 3D entangled filament structures are designed to achieve high compressive strength and resilience under loads as per requirement.

Enka drainage mats USP

Multi-functionality is created when we bond the structure to other materials on one or both faces, adding protection, filter or water retaining functions.

EnkaMat USP 5

Light-weight 3D structured mats, delivered in rolls, are either pre-cut for needed lengths or can easily be cut to size on site.