Biaxial composite geogrid for soil reinforcement, filtration and separation

EnkaGrid MAX C Geogrids

EnkaGrid MAX C is a high-performance and cost-effective biaxial geogrid composite used worldwide in civil engineering projects for reinforcing granular base courses and separating different soil layers. It is designed for achieving maximum bearing capacity and shear resistance. The incorporated fleece ensures long-term filtration stability and provides ideal separation of different soils ranging from clay to coarse granular fill. 

The EnkaGrid MAX C is the latest addition to the range of EnkaGrid high-performance reinforcement solutions, combining reliable soil reinforcement, stabilization, filtration and separation into one easy to install product.


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About EnkaGrid MAX C geogrids by Enka Solutions

Available in different strengths, EnkaGrid MAX C consists of a biaxial geogrid bonded to a nonwoven geotextile. The geogrid stabilizes the sub-base and improves its load-bearing capacity, reducing its required thickness and extending the structure’s design life.

At the same time, the nonwoven geotextile prevents the intermixing of adjacent soils, and retains soil particles while allowing free movement of water. The unique connection technique for both layers leaves sufficient space for optimal interlocking of granular soils with the geogrid strips.

Purchasing, stocking and installing EnkaGrid MAX C rather than individual geogrid and geotextile layers helps reduce complexity and substantially enhances efficiency throughout the value chain of construction projects. Applying this geogrid composite saves time and money for contractors and project owners alike.

Product configuration

EnkaGrid MAX C is a multifunctional geogrid composite with the same strength in both axes. It consists of two components:

EnkaGrid MAX geogrid for soil stabilization_copyrights Low & Bonar_Enka Solutions (2)

EnkaGrid MAX

The first component is an EnkaGrid MAX geogrid. It is made of polypropylene or polyester strips of equal tensile strength in longitudinal and transverse direction. Using a computer-controlled laser welding technology, these strips are connected to create consistently rigid joints throughout the reinforcement layer.


• Reinforcement

• Sub-base stabilization

nonwoven fleece part of EnkaGrid MAX C geocomposite composite geogrids by Enka Solutions copyrights Freudenberg Performance Materials

Filtration & separation fabric

The second component, to which the geogrid is bonded at intervals, is a mechanically bonded polypropylene nonwoven geotextile.



• Filtration

• Separation

Features & Benefits


• Multifunctional 3 in 1 geocomposite: provides soil reinforcement, separation & filtration
• Design enables optimal interlocking of granular soils with the geogrid
• Boosts procurement efficiency (purchasing 1 product rather than 2 consolidates order management)
• Enhances logistics management processes including stock keeping


• Safer and easier to install than 2 single products
• Maximizes speed of installation, thus significantly enhancing cost efficiency on site
• Excellent long-term durability in all soil types

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Application areas

• Steep slopes
• Retaining walls
• Segmental block walls
• Gabions
• Bridge abutments
• Embankments
• Platforms

• Foundations
• Construction roads
• Parking areas
• Airport runways
• Embankment foundations
• Building foundations

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