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Vegetation carrier for economic and durable extensive green roofs

Due to their many benefits, both environmental and financial, green roofs are witnessing a massive increase in popularity. This is because they help counter the urban heat island effect, improve stormwater management and regulate indoor temperature at no extra cost – and these are only some of their advantages. Attributing to their performance and versatility, demand for lightweight pre-vegetated systems such as sedum blankets is a particularly strong growth segment. The Enka solutions serve as a carrier for vegetation intended for such extensive green roofs. It stimulates fast plant growth, easy harvesting, and speedy installation – with perfect instant green roofs needing no maintenance as the result.

Vegetation carriers by Enka Solutions

Enka vegetation carrier for green roofs_copyrights Low & Bonar_Enka SolutionsAvailable in two different thicknesses, the solution is a durable vegetation carrier. It consists of two components: a lightweight, flexible and very open three-dimensional matting made of entangled polyamide filaments on the top surface. And a nonwoven filter fabric underneath. Both components are firmly connected by means of thermal bonding. One edge of the vegetation carrier is equipped with a filter overlap, which allows adjacent rolls to be joined without any gaps.

The Enka vegetation carrier is delivered in easy-to-handle 3.2 feet or 1 m wide rolls. The portfolio also encompasses a product variant including a water retention fleece on the underside.

How Enka technology is used to grow sedum for extensive green roofs

In an increasing number of countries and regions, local farmers grow pre-vegetated sedum mats with healthy, mature plants suitable for local conditions. With Enka vegetation carriers this process is highly efficient and requires few resources. The mats can even be produced on lands which are not fertile enough for other crops. Enka vegetation carriers are rolled out and then the layer of entangled filaments is filled with growth substrate. The filaments provide excellent root anchorage to hold the soil in place. A significant advantage for growers: on Enka vegetation carriers the amount of growing medium is just a fraction of that used on trays.

Cuttings from mature sedum mats can be used to start new mats. Harvesting is very simple. No specialized tools or equipment are needed. The cultivated mats are rolled up and then loaded onto a vehicle for transport. Once on site, the rolled blankets of mature plants are easy to lift and place on the prepared roof. They are rolled out like sod on the ground. The blankets are easy to cut with a knife or electrical tool to create shapes and patterns as needed.

Enka vegetation carriers are synthetic and therefore dimensionally stable. They are durable and retain their shape during cultivation. Thanks to its low weight, the finished product can be installed on new-build, and on retrofits or older buildings, either of which may be unable to take heavy additional loads. So existing buildings can be converted easily, installing an environmentally friendly roof without extensive engineering or construction modifications.

What makes Enka vegetation carriers the preferred choice of growers, architects, and project owners?


  • Strong and dimensionally stable
  • Easy to cultivate
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to roll up for transportation from field to building site
  • Very flexible and easy to cut to shape
  • Accredited third-party laboratory-tested for resistance to wind uplift and fire spread
  • Biologically and chemically inert


  • Promotes fast plant growth for quicker turnaround and higher profitability
  • Can be used on any flat or sloped roof including retrofit
  • Easy to lift to the rooftop
  • Supports quick installation
  • Facilitates realization of instant green roofs
  • Short establishment time, high success rate and immediate advantages

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