Protection cover made to keep your field in shape off season or during heavy footfall

Utilizing sports venues for concerts and other non-athletic events is a common practice for facility owners to generate additional income outside their regular operation. To optimize the productive use of space, however, downtime resulting from the required reconditioning of playing areas has to be kept to a minimum. EnkaTurfprotect delivers the protection needed to achieve that goal. The cover keeps the required reconditioning to a minimum, while maximizing the lifespan of the field surface even under frequent heavy use.

This is EnkaTurfprotect

EnkaTurfProtect turf protection field cover for sidelines and events Enka Solutions copyrights Low & BonarThe EnkaTurfprotect portfolio includes two product categories: One is EnkaTurfprotect Flatback and the other EnkaTurfprotect Plus. They both feature a pressure-resistant, three-dimensional monofilament structure made of nylon monofilaments. For optimal protection performance for natural turf, this structure is very open with 95 % of void space. While EnkaTurfprotect Flatback has one side formed by a flat layer of heavy monofilaments, EnkaTurfprotect Plus is equipped with a geotextile fabric.

Both field protection covers are about 2 cm / 1 inch thick. EnkaTurfprotect Flatback is supplied on rolls measuring up to 3.85 meters / 12.6 feet wide and 60 meters or about 196 feet long. EnkaTurfprotect Plus comes approximately five meters or 16 feet wide and about 46 meters or 150 feet long rolls.

How EnkaTurfprotect protects field surfaces against damage

When it comes to protecting athletic fields and sidelines from the impact of temporary structures and heavy foot as well as vehicle traffic, EnkaTurfprotect has proven a highly effective and cost-efficient solution. The cover is installed with the flat side or geotextile fabric up. The open monofilament matrix faces down. Because of its drainage function and constant airflow EnkaTurfprotect outperforms conventional tarpaulins and polyester blankets. This is thanks to the 95 % open structure of the cover’s pressure-resistant nylon core which allows air and water to reach the turf below.

At the same time the mat provides a tough surface. EnkaTurfprotect is resilient enough to spring back after having been exposed to significant weight of structures, vehicles and people. Chairs can be placed and stage supports installed directly on top of one or more layers of EnkaTurfprotect. Rolling out the cover is simple and fast. And storing the re-usable product between events is just as easy, requiring a minimum of storage space.

If and as required, EnkaTurfprotect can be applied in combination with flooring systems using plywood or
with geotextile fabrics.

What makes EnkaTurfprotect the ideal cover for sports fields & grounds?


  • Pressure-resistant, yet flexible and resilient
  • Open structure with 95 % of void space
  • Fire retardant (Class A rating)
  • Cleanable
  • Re-usable
  • Proven performance


  • Provides reliable turf protection
  • Helps drain water away
  • Lets air flow freely to keep natural turf healthy
  • Very durable
  • Regains original shape even after exposed to heavy weight
  • Simple and fast to install
  • Minimizes required storage space
  • Cost-efficient field-protection solution


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