Synthetic packing material for powerful (de)humidification

Installed in liquid/vapor separation systems, demister filters play a critical role in removing liquid droplets and particles such as dust from vapor streams. Research and feedback received from leading manufacturers have shown that EnkaPacksynthetic packing medium is a high-performance alternative to traditional wire coalescers. Often installed in HVAC systems, the task of industrial humidifiers is the opposite of that of demisters: Humidifiers vaporize moisture from steam into the air to achieve or maintain a specific humidity level. In this application, filter performance too can be cost-efficiently maximized with EnkaPack.

This is EnkaPack synthetic packing medium

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The EnkaPack product range has been specifically developed and optimized for the filtration industry. All product variants consist of polymeric monofilaments. These are thermally pre-formed into a compression-resistant, three-dimensional pyramid-shaped structure. The resulting filter medium is extremely open, with up to 95 % of void space.

This supports high flow rates, liquid retention, and vapor capacity. In addition, EnkaPack’s fibrous structure makes the synthetic packing media highly effective for the removal of liquid droplets.

How EnkaPack is used in dehumidification and humidification processes

In most demisters and humidifier systems, multiple layers of EnkaPack are stacked on top of each other to create a high-capacity separation or water-diffusion unit. But vertical installation is also possible. In both cases, the open structure of the synthetic packing medium combined with its high specific surface area guarantees maximum efficiency.

When compared with alternative solutions, this packing medium significantly enhances vapor capacity and reduces pressure drop. The latter helps realize energy savings. In addition, because EnkaPack possesses excellent resistance to organic and chemical compounds, it contributes to the long service life of the entire system.

The lightweight yet compression-resistant monofilament matrix is simple to cut with a pair of scissors. And handling and installing EnkaPack, which comes on one meter-wide rolls, is easy. In addition to the standard product configurations, Enka Solutions can tailor the packing material to meet the requirements of specific demister or humidifier designs.

What makes EnkaPack the ideal synthetic packing medium for (de)humidification systems?


  • High specific surface area (up to 650 m2/m3)
  • Uniform, open, filament structure (up to 95% of void space)
  • Compression-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Chemically and biologically inert
  • Wide product range; customized synthetic media possible


  • Ensures continuously high (de)humidification performance
  • Significantly reduces pressure drop; facilitates energy savings
  • Maximizes vapor capacity and flow rates
  • Long service life (> 15 years)
  • Easy to cut and install


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