EnkaGrid PRO

High-performance reinforcement for retaining walls and steep slopes

Whenever the characteristics of the local material alone cannot deliver the required stability, the installation of geogrids is an effective way to allow the construction of retaining walls, steep slopes, embankments and similar earth structures. By analyzing the soil characteristics and expected loads, a stable equilibrium of forces can be calculated and created with EnkaGrid PRO. This high-performance geogrid facilitates designs which are both ecologically sound and cost-effective. To optimally fulfill specific project requirements, the right geogrid can be chosen from a wide EnkaGrid PRO product range.

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This is EnkaGrid PRO

EnkaGrid PRO is a uniaxial geogrid for use in the most challenging soil reinforcement applications. It is made of laser-welded highly oriented extruded polyester strips.

Throughout the manufacturing process, the quality of the junctions is controlled precisely to create a durable geogrid with consistently high-performance parameters. EnkaGrid PRO is available in a number of different tensile strengths. And it can be delivered in rolls measuring 2,45 meters or 5 meters wide.

For two decades now, the geogrid has been installed in countless retaining walls as well as in steep slopes.

How EnkaGrid PRO reinforces walls and slopes

For reinforced slopes, EnkaGrid PRO’s geometry and ideal soil-grid interaction create an anchoring effect which allows designers to increase the slope angle. This saves space at the foot of the slope, or increases the area available at the top. The same benefits deliver greater design freedom and options for retaining walls. The distinct advantage of reinforced earth structures over gravity or cantilever walls: they are internally stabilized, with the reinforcement’s tensile strength being mobilized by the self-weight of the soil and surcharge loads. This reduces the active pressure on the inner structure surface. In addition, the vertical pressure on the subsoil is more evenly distributed and pressure peaks reduced.

Because they are less sensitive to deformation, reinforced-earth structures using EnkaGrid PRO can often be applied in areas prone to earthquakes. And they typically allow local soil to be used. This is a key advantage when it comes to building quickly and economically. EnkaGrid PRO can be used with almost any facing type. The most frequently applied techniques include wraparound facings as well as designs incorporating gabions.

What makes EnkaGrid PRO an excellent geogrid?


  • Manufactured using a unique laser-welding technology
  • Excellent durability and long-term performance
  • Superior tensile stiffness
  • Tensile stiffness exceeds that of flexible geogrids with the same ultimate tensile strength
  • Low post-construction elongation
  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • Wide product range (tensile strength between 40 kN/m and 180 kN/m)
  • Extensive design support available from Enka Solutions


  • Versatile reinforcement product
  • Long track record
  • Interacts perfectly with all granular soil types
  • Maximizes the use of available space
  • Limits differential settlement during consolidation
  • Facilitates cost-efficient wall and slope designs
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