Premium ridge ventilation solution

In times of increasingly extreme weather, protecting roofs from wind and rainwater is more important than ever. Among others, proper ridge ventilation is a key priority for architects and builders alike. Designed for architectural and wood shingle roofs as well as wood shake roofs, EnkaExFlo keeps attics cooler and dry. The roof vent product provides excellent ventilation performance while preventing moisture penetration from wind-driven rain or blowing snow. This actively contributes to improved living comfort and extends the lifespan of such roofs. The product portfolio includes variants designed for nail gun installation as well as ridge-ventilation mats for hand nail installation.

This is EnkaExFlo

EnkaExFlo is made of high-quality synthetic monofilaments laid as a matrix to form a mat with over 95 % of void space. Its characteristics are engineered to allow easy installation along the ridges of sloped roofs. Depending on the intended installation method, the synthetic filament structure of EnkaExFlo can come attached to one or two nonwoven fabrics. The roof vent product is supplied ¾” or 1″ thick, with a nominal width of 10.5″. It is delivered on handy-sized rolls. If and as required, EnkaExFlo can be customized to meet specific requirements.

How EnkaExFlo is used to provide ridge ventilation

EnkaExFlo creates a void between the cap shingles and the decked roof joist or truss. Its openness assures reliable exhaust ventilation. The high net free area and air infiltration rates of EnkaExFlo exceed those of alternative ridge-ventilation products such as polyester mesh and coconut fibers. This leads to superior airflow, which reduces heat gain and dries out moisture in the attic space. During the winter months, EnkaExFlo thus helps prevent mold and mildew. In hot summers, the roof vent cools the attic space. All EnkaExFlo roof-vent product variants are pressure resistant, and their low thickness makes for a seamless, aesthetically pleasing roofline.. EnkaExFlo is compatible with all standard shingle sizes and includes a limited lifetime warranty.

What makes EnkaExFlo the ideal ventilation solution


  • High net free area
  • Excellent air infiltration rates
  • Excellent compression resistance
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Optimum profile configuration
  • Comes with limited lifetime warranty
  • Versions available for nail gun or hand nail installation


  • Superior ventilation performance
  • Reliably prevents wind-driven rain intrusion
  • Reduces moisture issues and heat gain in the attic space
  • Contributes to a sturdier and more seamless roofline
  • Convenient to handle
  • Simple to cut and install


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