Metal-roof vent for long-term durable roofing

For metal roof structures to be durable they must suit local climatic conditions. The same is true for the materials used for their construction. In cold regions, condensation is a major concern. In others, moisture flow management is important. In virtually all cases, ventilated (“cold roof”) and unventilated (“warm roof”) designs call for the inclusion of a ventilation, drainage and expansion layer. This is where EnkaVent comes in. EnkaVent is a high-performance metal-roof vent. It is generally installed between the metal sheeting and the waterproof membrane.  It promotes multidirectional ventilation and drainage, thus reducing the chances of moisture-related issues such as corrosion, ice damming or mildew. At the same time, the metal-roof vent allows expansion movement due to temperature changes. EnkaVent will contribute to an extended service life of the finished metal roof.

This is EnkaVent metal roof vent

EnkaMat ASV Enka Solutions copyrights Low & BonarSuitable for application in the most common metal-roof designs, EnkaVent performs as a multifunctional roof vent. It provides ventilation, drainage, a flexible expansion layer and also serves as a thermal break. During rain, sleet or hail, EnkaVent acts as a sound-absorption layer. EnkaVent metal-roof vent is available in two different thicknesses for use in specific roof designs. The three-dimensional product is made of continuous, durable polyamide filaments. These are fused together where they intersect. In addition to above sheeting ventilation, EnkaVent also significantly reduces impact noise and helps create soundproof metal roofs.

How EnkaVent is used to provide efficient ventilation under metal roofs

EnkaVent is designed for use in metal roofs where a spacer layer is required to provide the ventilation and drainage needed for a long service life. Made of polyamide, EnkaVent resists the rigors of the construction environment, including heavy foot traffic during installation. Installed between the metal roof panels and the waterproof breathable membrane, the mat is dimensionally stable in hot weather and does not become brittle in cold. With its open structure of 95 % void space, EnkaVent metal-roof vent creates an unbroken air space for ventilation and drainage. The resulting natural air flow removes moisture, which can cause mold, mildew, and corrosion. At the same time EnkaVent lets hot air escape and acts as a thermal break. This can create a temperature difference of up to 22°F / 5.5°C between the metal roof panels and the membrane. In hot climates, this helps building owners reduce cooling costs. In cold climates, the ventilation prevents moisture from freezing. This avoids the occurrence of cracks and resulting damage to the roof deck. During installation, EnkaVent acts as an anti-slip-sheet making panel placing more comfortable and safer. The metal-roof vent attaches quickly and securely with common fasteners.

What makes EnkaVent the ideal metal-roof vent


  • Very open structure with 95% of void space
  • Extremely lightweight roof vent
  • Flexible and resilient
  • Easy to cut
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Highly durable


  • Suitable for zinc and other metal roofs
  • Very easy to install: simply roll out over the waterproof membrane from the apex of the roof to the eaves
  • Ensures unrestricted flow of air and water to prevent corrosion and ice damping
  • Acts as a thermal break and so reduces heat build-up
  • Allows differential movement due to temperature changes
  • Multifunctional: also reduces impact noise from rain, sleet, or hail
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