EnkaMat ASV

Effective metal-roof noise control

Thanks to their functional and aesthetic advantages, metal roofs are used extensively throughout the world. For metal roof structures to comply with relevant building regulations, effective noise control is a key requirement. This is true for residential as well as commercial and many industrial properties. EnkaMat is a roof underlayment that has proved its performance in this specific application for over 20 years. The filament mat can be used under zinc, copper, steel, and aluminum roofing panels. It reduces roof-top impact noise from rain, sleet, or hail by up to 50 %.

This is EnkaMat ASV

EnkaMat ASV Enka Solutions copyrights Low & BonarEnkaMat is a multifunctional three-dimensional open-mesh polyamide structure. It consists of continuous nylon filaments which are thermally bonded together where they cross. The roof underlayment has excellent resistance to a variety of alkalis, dilute acids, fuels and solvents found on many construction sites. EnkaMat is very lightweight. At the same time, the mat is very wear and abrasion resistant. EnkaMat has high tensile strength and a high heat distortion temperature. The product is suitable for use in most metal roof designs. In addition to noise control, the underlayment also ensures proper ventilation and drainage of the metal roof structure .

How EnkaMat ASV is used to build soundproof metal roofs

Installed between the metal sheeting and the waterproof breathable barrier, EnkaMat creates an overhead blanket of air. This blanket quells sound transfer. The entangled filament structure thus reduces impact noise from rain or sleet by 9.5 to 13.5 dB compared with a metal roof directly on the weather barrier. When combined with thermal insulation and a ceiling system, noise levels are reduced by up to 21 dB. This is a particular benefit in buildings where peace and quiet is needed, such as schools, churches, and hospitals.

EnkaMat is delivered to site in rolls 1 m wide and 75 m long (39 in / 200 ft). Its low weight makes the underlay easy to handle and position. EnkaMat is rolled out on top of the waterproof membrane from the apex of the roof to the eave and cut to length using shears, before being secured at the top of the roof.

What makes EnkaMat ASV the ideal underlayment to soundproof metal roofs?


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Dimensionally stable in hot weather
  • Will not become brittle in cold
  • Easy to cut to the required length


  • Suitable for use with zinc, copper, steel, and aluminum roofing panels
  • Reduces roof noise by up to 21 dB
  • Durable sound-control solution
  • Performance proven in countless projects around the globe
  • Easy to install
  • Multifunctional: also acts as a ventilation layer
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