Acoustic insulation & sound proofing

In today’s world, more and more multi-story living and working spaces are planned for construction. Noise control has become an expectation, rather than a wish. Suitable for below the pour flooring application in hard-surface areas or throughout the entire floorplan, EnkaSonic provides the sound control required to tackle that issue. The acoustic sound reduction mat ensures acoustic insulation from impact as well as airborne noise.  Examples of subfloors on which the product has proven its performance include gypsum, concrete, mortar beds, cement backer board or plywood. For over 30 years, the solution has been successfully used under hardwoods, engineered wood flooring, ceramic tile, stone, vinyl, and carpet. EnkaSonic provides sound control for new construction as well as renovation work.

This is EnkaSonic- the original acoustic sound control mat

EnkaSonic original acoustic mats Copyrights Low & Bonar_Enka Solutions (3)The EnkaSonic product portfolio encompasses a range of acoustic sound-insulation underlays designed for use in the most diverse floor systems. The sound reduction system consists of a three-dimensional polymeric mat attached to a nonwoven fabric.

EnkaSonic complies with relevant construction and building codes in the US and is also available in many European and Asian countries. The product range can be customized to meet any requirements or building codes, and is highly compression resistant. Testing after 10 years of use has shown that the sound-control mat retains almost all of its original thickness.

How EnkaSonic is used to provide reliable sound control

EnkaSonic is installed between the concrete or wood subfloor, and a gypsum or lightweight concrete topping is added to build a floating floor. The underlay creates a void area within the floor construction which isolates noise and prevents it from spreading. The product reduces the transmission of both impact and airborne sound. The acoustic-insulation underlay significantly increases Impact Insulation Class (IIC) ratings and Sound Transmission Class (STC) levels over wood frame and concrete.

EnkaSonic build up- acoustic sound control mat for noise reduction in homes by Enka Solutions copyrights Freudenberg Performance Materials

EnkaSonic is supplied in easy-to-handle, lightweight rolls. The sound control mat can be easily cut to size with a cutter or a pair of scissors. Installing the system is simple: the acoustic-insulation underlay is laid over the subfloor and isolation strips are installed, and then taped, around the perimeter of the entire room. Seams between the sections of the mats are fastened with zip-strip or taped prior to installation of the floor.

What makes EnkaSonic the best acoustic sound reduction mat?


  • Compression resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to cut
  • Complies with STC 60 and IIC 50
  • Helps achieve STC acoustic ratings of 60+
  • UL certified
  • Can be tailored to suit specific requirements


  • Suitable for application in the most diverse floor systems
  • Easy to install
  • Resilient enough to absorb impact sound
  • Suitable for new construction and renovation
  • Very durable sound control solution
  • Performance proven in thousands of residential buildings and high profile commercial projects.


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Where to buy EnkaSonic acoustic mats

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Looking for sound control mats in Europe or Asia Pacific? View the EnkaSonic range in available for your region here.