Erosion-free dry slopes

Erosion by wind and water can cause significant damage to slopes. More often than not, erosion is too severe to be halted by means of planting vegetation or installing degradable temporary erosion control blankets. Instead, a permanent root-reinforcement system is required. One which provides immediate erosion protection. EnkaMat erosion control matting has been developed for exactly that purpose. And they support the establishment of a natural vegetation cover. Typical examples of dry slopes on which EnkaMat can be installed to prevent erosion include road and railway embankments.

This is EnkaMat erosion control mat

EnkaMat erosion control matting for protection of steep slopes by Enka Solutions copyrights Low & BonarThe EnkaMat product portfolio consists of a wide range of erosion-control mats with thicknesses of up to 20 millimeters. They are made of durable polymeric monofilaments. These are fused together where they intersect and pre-formed into a pyramid-shaped configuration. This way, the filaments create an artificial root structure with a length of up to 2,980 meters per square meter.

Over 90 % of the volume of EnkaMat is available for filling with soil. This ensures optimal integration and immediate stabilization of the slope surface. EnkaMat provides high resistance to weathering and UV radiation. For installation on rocky slopes and geomembranes, product variants with reinforcing grids or woven fabrics are available.

How EnkaMat helps prevent erosion on dry slopes

EnkaMat provides efficient erosion protection even before any vegetation has established itself. Therefore, the product is often used to protect new or repaired slopes and embankments from erosion. The structure of EnkaMat’s filament core acts as a brake to reduce wind speed and run-off water. But at the same time, the erosion prevention products create an environment that is favorable for seed germination. Once a layer of vegetation has developed, EnkaMat permanently reinforces its root system. The result is a long-term effective erosion-control solution. EnkaMat is available in different thicknesses. Installing the matting is fast and simple: after grading the slope as well as filling and compacting large open areas and gullies, the erosion protection mat is pinned to the slope. Then the selected seed mixture is placed into the matting. Lastly, topsoil is raked into EnkaMat until the erosion protection mat is completely covered. For fast installation, the mat can be delivered in a width of up to 3,85 meters.

What makes EnkaMat the ideal erosion protection product


  • Successfully applied since the 1970s
  • Open structure
  • Very flexible
  • Biologically and chemically inert
  • UV-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Can be easily cut with a pair of scissors
  • Seamlessly integrates into the landscape


  • Encourages swift vegetation growth
  • Provides a permanent and green solution
  • Reliably reinforces vegetation root systems
  • Adapts easily even to complex soil profiles
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Maintenance-free
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Other erosion protection applications

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