EnkaMat A20
erosion control mats

Permanent erosion-control system for vegetated slopes

Waterways and flood defenses are subjected to attack by waves and currents. This can lead to erosion and stability problems on the banks of canals, lakes or rivers. Where vegetation cannot develop or a vegetative cover alone will not provide sufficient erosion protection, the High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) EnkaMat A20 is the solution. Thanks to its high specific weight, the product provides effective protection under erosive forces and can be installed under water. Directly after installation the EnkaMat A20 erosion control mat protects the slope from erosion and enables the development of vegetation. Once vegetation is established, the prefilled erosion-control mat integrates with its root system to provide an erosion-control system with a proven life expectancy of over 40 years already.

This is EnkaMat A20

ENkaMat A20 Copyrights Low & Bonar_Enka SolutionsEnkaMat A20 is a high-performance erosion-control mat designed to protect slopes from eroding, which are subjected to high water velocities and moderate wave attack. It consists of a durable geosynthetic monofilament matrix with a flat structure on its lower face. The three-dimensional matrix is pre-filled with stone chippings. This permanent erosion-control mat is flexible enough to conform to curves and prepared ground profiles.

EnkaMat A20 is 22 millimeters thick and weighs more than 20 kilograms per square meter. It is the heaviest erosion-control mat available on the market today to support the establishment of vegetated slopes.

How EnkaMat A20 prevents erosion caused by hydraulic loading

EnkaMat serves as a green alternative to hard armor solutions like concrete mattresses, gabions, stone setts or rock revetments (riprap), and to standard bank protection by means of wooden or concrete revetments. The prefilled EnkaMat A20 controls erosion below and near the waterline. The key advantage of EnkaMat A20: it allows the development of vegetation. With its high weight of 20 kilograms per square meter, the product offers immediate protection to applied seeding. The allowable flow velocity depends on the specific project conditions, flow duration and vegetation development stages. EnkaMat A20 creates an environment which is favorable for seed germination below the mat. The open structure of EnkaMat A20 stimulates fast plant growth and provides a foothold for its root system. The most appropriate vegetation type can be assessed by an ecologist, and will be based on specific site conditions and regional seed sources.

What makes EnkaMat A20 the ideal erosion-control system for slopes exposed to water?


  • Backed by four decades of experience in hydraulic applications
  • Creates vegetated and nature-friendly banks
  • 22 mm thick
  • Weight of more than 20 kg/m² according to EN ISO 9864
  • Product width: 4.8 m
  • A special spreader bar can be delivered by Enka Solutions to facilitate roll handling and installation on site.


  • Provides immediate and permanent erosion protection
  • Resists high water velocities
  • Facilitates green banks where vegetation would not otherwise develop
  • Easily follows the profile of the ground surface
  • Protects, reinforces and integrates with the vegetation root system
  • Long-term durable solution (functional lifetime: > 40 years when combined with vegetation)
  • Faster to install than gabions and other erosion control systems
  • No maintenance required


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