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Proven alternative to gravel drainage

Drainage is a key requirement for the construction of safe road and railway embankments, dykes and slopes, as well as of reinforced walls. Traditional designs include a gravel layer separated from the subgrade and the fill material by two layers of geotextile. However, granular drains require massive amounts of quarry-material resources whose transport produces significant CO2 emissions. And granular drains are time consuming to install. EnkaDrain Wide drainage mats offer a proven and reliable alternative for earthwork drainage. They help minimize time of construction and realize substantial cost savings while also reducing the impact on the environment.

This is EnkaDrain Wide

The EnkaDrain Wide product range has been developed for applications requiring reliable drainage over large areas. Available four and six millimeters thick, the multifunctional drainage mats have an open, three-dimensional monofilament drainage core. For maximum compression resistance this is thermally pre-formed into a V-shape configuration. All EnkaDrain Wide product variants are manufactured in a width of five meters with puncture-resistant nonwoven filters stitched to the drainage core. To comply with the requirements of each specific project, the design of the durable geocomposite can be customized. Numerous laboratory tests and excavations have confirmed the high long-term drainage capacity of EnkaDrain Wide even under the high loads experienced under up to 20 meter-high earthworks.

How EnkaDrain Wide provides horizontal drainage for stable earthwork

Earthwork designs using EnkaDrain Wide are backed with data for an expected lifespan of more than 120 years. The geocomposite ensures the stability of the earthwork: EnkaDrain Wide protects the structure against internal erosion by draining off pore water at the foot of embankments or on dykes and slopes. In addition to drainage, the multifunctional product provides filtration and separation. Because it has excellent internal shear resistance, EnkaDrain Wide can be used even on the steepest slopes. It has also proven to be highly efficient when installed in reinforced-earth walls behind the geogrid reinforcement.

In addition to its excellent long-term performance, an increasing number of engineers and contractors rely on EnkaDrain Wide because it eliminates the need to source and install gravel drainage layers. And the advantage is significant: in a protection dyke against flooding in Grand Rhône (France) alone, using EnkaDrain Wide to replace a gravel drainage layer has saved over 60,000 cubic meters of quarry material and 250.000 truck kilometers. The five meter wide rolls can be laid cost-efficiently minimizing the number of joints to be connected. This maximizes speed of construction.

Examples of projects in which EnkaDrain Wide has been successfully applied over the past years include the construction of embankments on wetlands. Here the drainage mat allows highly efficient designs using EnkaDrain Wide in combination with Colbonddrain prefabricated drains for soil consolidation.

What makes EnkaDrain Wide the preferred drainage solution for earthworks?


  • Multifunctional geocomposite
  • Extensively tested both internally and at independent institutes
  • Performance proven in a great number of projects
  • Excellent internal shear resistance
  • Highly pressure resistant
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Rot-proof, frost-proof and resistant to all substances occurring naturally in the soil


  • Excellent drainage capacity even under the highest loads
  • Minimizes construction time
  • Saves substantial volume of quarry material
  • Reduces the impact of earthwork projects on the environment
  • Helps generate cost savings
  • Reliable both over the short and long term


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